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1. Visit http://goir.telangana.gov.in.

2. Department: Select Department from the drop-down list. If no Department is selected, the System will display GOs of all the Departments.

3. GO Type: Select GO type from the list. If no GO type is selected, the system will display GOs of all the types.

4. GO Date: If you know the definite date, enter it in DDMMYYYY format (For example, 01032007 for 01-March-2007). Alternatively, you can enter a range i.e. between ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’. If you keep ‘To Date’ blank, the system will display GOs up to the current date.

5. Search Text: You can enter keywords pertaining to the GO to narrow your search. The system will search for these words in the Abstract of the GO. Text Body of the GO is not searched for the keywords entered.

6. In the Results section, the records satisfying the search criterion are displayed in a tabular format. The 10th Column of the table displays if the GO listed is amended or canceled subsequently.

7. Click “" icon of relevant GO record to view and print.

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